LEXUS developed the RC F GT3 to participate in GT3 races
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We turn to the European experience and carefully look at the movements of the wheel at the local aces at the entrance to the turn. We will see that there…

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Why this year you need to visit the “24 Hours of Le Mans”
The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a key element in the endurance racing calendar and one of the cult events in the world of sports. Motorsport Live explains why…

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What is the formula for success? Diligence, perseverance in achieving the goal. Valuable qualities, especially if they have an athlete. But how to get faster on the track? How to win the race? How to optimally adjust the car? These questions always occupy the racers, but the main message to achieve the goal is knowledge, or rather a constant learning process. The one who constantly improves his skills, learns, he will surely succeed.

And the formula of success is not empty words, but a very real concept: В + И = Ц

• B is your imagination, in other words a picture that we can mentally imagine.

• And – this is information, knowledge. Collecting the right information is very important, but it is even more important to process it correctly.

• It turned out to grope the right way – the picture comes alive in the imagination, is filled with details, approaches reality, becomes reality. And you reach the goal – Ts.

Let me explain by example. You want to win the winter track. What picture is in front of your eyes? Beautiful, competent, riding last year’s champion. You ask yourself questions: why did he always win starts? Why did it turn so beautifully? Why was his car the fastest?

We begin to collect and process information. What is the best start? It is necessary to find an algorithm for your actions, in which the randomness factor is excluded. That is, it is required to provide a guaranteed hit on the correct revolutions at the time of releasing the clutch pedal. And in 10 cases out of 10 attempts! How to adjust the suspension? Maximum load front drive wheels. Is ballast banned? And what will be the dynamic weight distribution machine at the time of launch? At the start, the weight should be redistributed backwards in a minimal way. How to take a turn? Try to ensure that the car is balanced in a certain way already at the entrance to the turn, and not lose this balance until the exit of the turn. It is very important to put the right questions. Then the answers will be filled with valuable information. You start to fill your picture with real information. Part of it can be obtained from other riders – it requires verification. The second part is your own work. As a result, your imagination, supported by real information, will lead to your goal – you will significantly raise your level of skill.

Of course, it is always good to have a competent trainer. But with this problem, not only Russian, but also foreign drivers. In motor sport, it is customary for the driver to manage on his own. It is a fact. And if so, then you have to learn to be your own coach. Being able to ask yourself questions and honestly answer them is what lies at the heart of self-learning. In addition, it should be understood that progress is not an inclined plane, but rather a ladder. Noticeable improvements are obtained in leaps and bounds. If you don’t have them for a long time, you shouldn’t get upset – it means you are in the stage preceding the next step in mastering skills.

We must learn to learn correctly. Sorry for the tautology, but it really is. Look at the leaders of Formula 1 and 3, DTM, and so on. Who is ahead on the starting grid in the class of cars, where you stand or in the next class. No doubt, these are former kartists. How much time they spent behind the wheel of a sports car, including karting. So what are you offended, yourself, when they rush past, showing results that you never dreamed of. And when you relax on Saturday evening for a glass of good beer, it is possible that those leaders are running around at the track. Get on the go-kart. It is never too late. What can be done on a rental machine with a motor power of 10-15 forces?

A lot of things. You can learn the intricacies of self-study. You can learn to become fast. For example, to constantly develop and improve “the Sense of traction” – a feeling of tire grip. At any point of the turn, you should feel whether there are still clutch reserves, and if so, try to use the tire work always and everywhere at 100%. Where better to slow down, what radius to choose, how to “bring” more speed into a turn, and what will come of it? In other words, on a rental card you can learn to be fast and how to become even faster.


This is not about computers or computers, but the subconscious programs of your brain. And the human brain works like a computer. For example, you throw a ball into the basket. The first time you think about what effort to make, and what path of the flight of the sword to choose, so that it landed exactly in the ring, you think through every action.

Later, when you grope for the right moves, you stop thinking, and the throws come out of their own accord. You start to do the same action automatically, and you have no need to think, that is, everything happens at a subconscious level. Now try to get into the basketball hoop 50 times out of 50 attempts. This is an exercise on the ability to concentrate for a long period of time.

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