LEXUS developed the RC F GT3 to participate in GT3 races
The debut of the car will take place in the framework of the race “24 hours Daytona”. The LEXUS GAZOO Racing team will present their LEXUS RC F GT3 at…

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Gran Turismo or just GT: Yesterday and Today
The concept of Gran Turismo first appeared long before the invention of the car. In England, in the XVII-XVIII centuries, members of wealthy families practiced long journeys to different cities…

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Beauty Race: Mobile Museum
Incredibly beautiful cars, sharp turns, crazy speeds and thousands of excited spectators along the route - such was the Mille Miglia race, the most exciting autosport competition in Italy from…

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The best races of the world

Someone will say – “Le Mans” now is not the same. Of course, everything changed, starting with the cars themselves and the speeds they develop. In 1923, the winners of the first “Le Mans” Andre Lagash and Rene Leonard on the car Chenard-Walcker (Shenar-Valké) covered 2209.5 km in 24 hours. The result of the current winners, the crew of the factory team Porsche, – 5233.5 km.

Part of the tragedy of “Le Mans” indicated the need for security measures. We started without frames, welded into the body of the cars, without helmets, without fireproof overalls, the tracks were not properly protected, and the audience sat almost on the road.

Gone is the era of romance associated with oil-streaked racers and the risk to the lives of all those present. The rules have changed a lot. But there remained the basic principles and energy “Le Mans”. This is still the 24-hour race with pit stops and a change of pilots, where the distance, not the time, is measured at the finish. The initial idea – to identify the most reliable and economical car – all the same. It led to the emergence of a special breed of racing hybrids and a whole world championship in endurance race.

Not so long ago there was a short period when the race at Le Mans dropped out of all the world series and remained on its own. This did not affect the content of the list of participants, nor the filling of the stands! Under the influence of Le Mans, other 24-hour races were born, but none of them came close to prestige for the ancestor of long races. This is not the first “Grand Prize” in the history of auto racing, but definitely the most famous.

Many races that were born as a Grand Prix at the beginning of the 20th century have long since died out, along with the tracks they were once held on. And this one is alive, and the track is almost the same, only the set of turns after the tunnel has changed. The original organizer is the Monaco Automobile Club. And the prizes at the finish are handed, as in 1929, by a representative of the princely dynasty.

Most of the turns of the track in Monaco are absolutely recognizable and therefore have become a kind of “business card” of Formula 1.
The name “Grand Prix” has long been assigned to Formula 1, and now any stage of this World Cup automatically receives Grand Prix status — for example, India or Azerbaijan.

Ask the pilots what stage they like best, they will call the Belgian or Japanese. But the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​considered the most prestigious, despite its many shortcomings: the races here are often boring, the capacity of the stands is record low, and the ticket prices are record high.

The fact that today in the rally is called speed or special sections, used to be called “additional competitions.”
Materials on the topic

Saab 96 “Long nose”: rally fox
Another brainchild of the same Avtokluba, and more ancient than the Grand Prix. The first Monte Carlo Rally was held in 1911 by the rules that no one would understand now. Crews started from eleven different points of Europe and somewhere there, one by one, overcame a distance of 1020 km to gather in a handful on the main square. But it really was the first rally in the world!

That is how the second and now the main meaning of the word rally was born – initially it meant “gathering, gathering”. Today, rally for many – a synonym for the word “race”.

It doesn’t matter that until the mid-1950s, the Monte-Carlo Rally was a rather mediocre event without first-magnitude stars. And at the start there were cars of the brands Turcat-Mery (Türká-Meri), Amilcar (Amilcar) and Invicta (Invicta). But then the Monte Carlo Rally gathered all the cream of glory.

Twenty years ago, a “trailer” in the form of an oldtimer race was added to the main race, whose traditional highlight is the winter mountain roads. She collects three hundred cars – much more than the “battle” offset.

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