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What is the difference between a racing car and a cramp?

My first entry was an article about preparing a car for racing competitions, and I decided to explain – what is the difference between a racing car and a “writer”?

Bought an old car – make it cramps! The car broke down – yes you already make cramps! Yes, in general, what is cramps? Korch – this is honor! This is junk, for the most part :).

Probably cramps, this is a rear wheel drive sports car with a turbocharged engine, as lightweight as possible, on which you can drift for example. Yes, and yet this is such a machine with a wild collapse, multi-colored headlights, with shelf disks, without the hood and with the blue handbrake. That is supposedly racing? Not.

The main difference is the race car for competition. Korch – for yourself.
The construction process itself is important here, and there is no purpose to participate in such a championship with such a regulation, to come first there and there, etc. Yes, there is RDS – Russian Drift Series. Do you think many people read the RDS regulations before starting to build cramps? Although there are cramps for drag racing for example. The main thing is to build cramps, and there it will become clear where to throw it sideways. Well, or at the asphalt training ground championship with the support of the sponsor of the fence name … And preparing a race car is only part of what needs to be done before the competition, and not even a single mechanic does this work.

Another difference – for example, in order to buy a sports bucket in cramps, I will go to the tuning shop and buy it there for 10,000 rubles, for example. To participate in the race, I need a racing bucket with FIA homologation, preferably a valid one, and the price per seat rises three times. I can build cramps from my rear-wheel drive car, I can participate in local drift competitions, but in order to go for a real race, I will have to rebuild the half-car to fit the competition schedule.
Budget built? I think the race car will require much more money. The cost of one set of suspension on it can reach up to 300 thousand rubles. It all depends on how serious the intentions and finances of the rider and korchestroitel.

Rider intent? Everything is clear – I drove, I won. There is a car, there is a pilot, there is a victory and honor :). Well, for the construction of cramp taken, because it is fashionable, because the grandfather’s six Zhiguli idle is worth it, because I want again to throw a nice sideways. Here is the third difference.

And what about drifting? Amateur for example? In the same place? Is this a race too? I think not. Not. If we talk about real races and do not summarize, then … Racing is a competition of pilots and cars for the speed for the first place at the finish. This is a start, a common struggle with rivals and with time on the lap during the race, the pleasure of fast pilotage. Drifting – the pleasure of beautiful aerobatics. Entertainment And spectacular does not mean fast. It actually means slowly. Using the techniques of drift, it is impossible to drive the track as quickly as possible. Yes, and I myself was convinced of this – first sitting behind the wheel, and then to the right of the steering wheel with a stopwatch in hand.

Thus, the road race car and cramp completely diverged. Even drifting did not help.

The main thing is to know what you want. What do you want to drive, how do you know how to drive and where, what is capable of and what do you want to achieve from the car. And do not confuse racing with entertainment.

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