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Formula 1 - the world championship in ring car racing on cars with open wheels. Formula 1 is the most popular, expensive and high-tech type of auto racing. The roots…

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The term motor racing is commonly understood as a competition that takes place between people when traveling along a certain route (often a road or a highway), for a while, using various transport equipment, in particular, cars.

Today, there are three main types of motor sport, it is:

– rally;

– racing ring type;

– off-road competition.

Each category provides a number of features of the machine models that are used in it. They can be SUVs, truck trucks or fireballs. This also affects characteristics such as engine size and other technical parameters, etc. It is known that the car before the race needs to be prepared. In particular, buy a good motor oil. For sports cars for motor oil the price is different from the usual. However, it is worth it, because this oil is developed specifically for the sporty type of car.

Seriously different in different races and rules. Ring races, for example, imply either passing a series of circles for a precise period of time or passing one vicious circle. In a number of countries around the world ring races made on passenger cars are widespread. Trucks also have similar competitions in this category.

Rally is a type of racing in which athletes compete on regular roads and tracks, which are usually in common use and overlap only for the duration of the competition. The general route is divided into a number of sections. The task of each car crew as quickly as possible to overcome each.

Traditionally, the crew includes two pilot and navigator. This is necessary because there is a real risk of getting lost in a variety of street turns. In this race can take place on a very diverse routes from high-quality asphalt roads, to gravel and even dirt. At the moment, rally racing is the most popular type of such races.

Well, do not forget about off-road racing. Here the car and its pilot face the challenge to quickly overcome difficult routes. Most often, such competitions are made for trucks, jeeps and bugs, sometimes also for motorcycles.

Surprisingly, motor sport is already more than two centuries old. It is constantly evolving, acquiring an increasing variety of features and speed due to the development of technology. It is believed that the first race took place on July 22, 1894.

A little less than a century later, in 1985, the Automobile Club of France was opened, which became the first such club on the planet. And soon after that the automobile federation began its activities.

It should be emphasized that over the past two hundred years, motor sport has earned the status of the most dangerous for life.

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