Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs on the Dakar-2017 won in the standings of production cars
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUVs once again became the best among production cars in the Dakar-2017 rally-marathon and took the entire podium in the Production / T2 category. Almost nine…

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We turn to the European experience and carefully look at the movements of the wheel at the local aces at the entrance to the turn. We will see that there…

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Racing version of Audi RS 3
The world premiere of the racing version of the new generation Audi RS3 took place at the Paris International Auto Show. The car was prepared in accordance with the requirements…

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It is interesting to know

There is a huge amount of interesting facts connected with the history of the first automobile competitions. Here are some of the most curious of them:

1. The fastest car in the race was the paromobil, which was owned by Albert de Dion. His invention could reach speeds of more than 22 kilometers per hour.

2. The main criterion for evaluating cars was not speed, but the reliability of their design and assembly. The winner is the motorist who arrives at the destination with the minimum number of breakdowns.

3. Emil Levassor was not the only winner in the race. Along with him, the first place was shared by Peugeot, who was able to get to the finish line in virtually the same period of time as Levassor.

4. Completed races were able to demonstrate a clear superiority of gasoline cars over steam, electric and kerosene. The main part of the cars that reached the finish line were equipped with gasoline engines.

5. Reporters from the French press, who wanted to get the latest information and views from motorists, followed them all the way by bike.

6. Andre Michelin demonstrated the idea of ​​the first pneumatic tires and service repair points. However, the embodiment of the idea of ​​repair service was a failure, as Andre could not cope with half of the breakdowns that occurred during the competition.

7. Following France, the idea of ​​car racing almost immediately picked up Germany, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The first car races gave a huge impetus to the development of motor transport and its consolidation as a separate branch of the industry. Despite the fact that racing until the mid-19th century is only an exotic entertainment and enthusiasm for wealthy people, they very soon gain momentum and spread throughout the world, as a type of competition available to almost any kind of audience. Even if you are not the owner of a racing car, you can get acquainted with this sport and feel the extraordinary speed of racing races in online games.

As previously reported, “Observer”, in France, created a 4-wheel motorcycle with a motor from Maserati

Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History
10) The car takes off in the air - 1999 This was one of the most memorable moments when the whole world learned how important downforce is in high-performance sports…


Rally-raid "Silk Road 2009": Choosing the desert
From the spectacular picture it is difficult to imagine that the sand can be dangerous and cruel. But when mountains of small silicon particles reach the horizon, it becomes uneasy.…