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SupercarS Challenge 9 Supercar Rally

On October 9, the Russian Supercar Owners Club, the SupercarS Drivers Club, held the traditional annual city rally for owners of modern and classic sports cars and supercars “SupercarS Challenge 9”.

Since the rally route from year to year runs through the city streets, its goal was never to be the first to arrive. Therefore, the SupercarS Challenge is held in a safe and fun Poker Run format that combines rally orientation with elements of poker. And this means that the crews on the new Lamborghini or Porsche and the classic 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL or 1966 ACShelby Cobra 427 can fight on equal terms here.

The rules of the rally are quite simple: a minute before the start, each crew received a Control Card (Legend), in which only the first Control Point (KP) was listed. Arriving at the first checkpoint and noting the judge of the competition, the crews received the next leg of the Legend with the next checkpoint and so on, until all the check points were consistently passed. Also, at each CP, participants randomly selected from the deck provided by the judge with 1 playing card sealed in an envelope. Thus, at the finish each crew scored 5 cards. To win the rally it was required to get marks on all check-points and collect the best poker hand from playing cards.

This time the rally was held jointly with the company Lamborghini Moscow, so among the 29 participants almost half of the cars proudly carried the coat of arms of the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer. The owners of Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, AstonMartin, Lotus, TVR also gathered slowly in the evening Moscow. Even the object of desire of collectors of all Europe – BMWZ8. And the most expensive supercar among the participants this evening was the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster worth more than 35000000 rubles.

It is worth noting that the SupercarS Challenge has always stood out from the majority of amateur rally held in Moscow, the number and value of prizes. This time was no exception. According to the most modest estimates, the total value of prizes exceeded 4 million rubles.

To begin with, all the rally participants without exception received gifts from the Daviani Beauty Center and the AVRORACLINIC dental clinic which contained two of the five check-points of the rally. And the victory in the Supercar SChallenge 9 is the winner of the rare British sports car TVR Chimaera 1997 release. The prize for him was a trip to the Seychelles from the tour operator Sky Club Travel Concierge.

Silver winners were the crew of the Porsche 911 Targa. They won a certificate for 3 nights of rest at the luxury resort One & Only The Palm in Dubai.

The third place was won by a married couple on a Mercedes convertible sports car. As a prize from the legendary Casino Caféde Paris, the couple will be able to spend a weekend at the most luxurious hotel in Monaco – Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.

This year, the organizers paid special attention to the fair sex. Two jewelery made according to an individual sketch from the International Jewelry House Rodery were played among female drivers and among female navigators.

The owner of the Special Prize – a certificate for an individual diagnostic program from the European Medical Center, became the owner of the above-mentioned ACCobra 427 Roadster 1966. In order to understand why this prize was presented with the phrase “For courage”, it was enough to see the car itself. The fact is that in its design the roof is not provided at all, and on the street this evening was only 5 degrees Celsius.

The evening ended with friendly gatherings in a cozy atmosphere to the sounds of the saxophone and a discussion of plans for the 2017 club season.

SupercarS Challenge 9 Supercar Rally
On October 9, the Russian Supercar Owners Club, the SupercarS Drivers Club, held the traditional annual city rally for owners of modern and classic sports cars and supercars "SupercarS Challenge…


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