Rally-raid "Silk Road 2009": Choosing the desert
From the spectacular picture it is difficult to imagine that the sand can be dangerous and cruel. But when mountains of small silicon particles reach the horizon, it becomes uneasy.…

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חשפנית באילת
Famous Monaco Grand Prix car racing
All of us have heard about the tiny state spread out on the Cote d'Azur, in a very picturesque place. Many are thinking about how to move to live in…

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Championship of Russia on track racing on ice held at Ramenskoye Hippodrome
February 12, 2017 in the Ramenskoye started the festival of autosport "Frost-2017"! The strongest Russian riders took to the start of the II stage of the Championship of Russia in…

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Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History

10) The car takes off in the air – 1999
This was one of the most memorable moments when the whole world learned how important downforce is in high-performance sports cars. It is quite possible, if not for this case, the Mercedes-Benz team would become the champion in the 1999 race. But, unfortunately, the German racer became a hero for another reason.
9) Dodge Viper cars became Le Mans winners for three years in a row (1998, 1999, 2000)
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History

At the races of Le Mans most European cars. That is why when cars of Japanese or American production hit the podium, this event attracts great public attention.

But when the American car for three years in a row becomes the winner of the race, it is already a sensation. So in 1998, 1999 and 2000 the first place in the competition was occupied by the sports car Dodge Viper V10. It was as amazing as the engine technology of this car.

8) Attempt to continue the race, despite the accident (2012)
Satoshi Motoyama after hitting the wall in his car, did not want to go off the track and for a long time tried to do something in order to continue participating in competitions on his unusual sports car. Unfortunately, the damage to the car was serious, and the driver still had to leave the track.

7) Peugeot speed record in 1988
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History
Roger Dorchy on the sports car Welter / Meunier WM P88 Peugeot in 1988 during the races set a speed record, speeding up to 405 km / h.

It was a great moment at Le Mans. It was the fastest car in the world in those years. Since then, the world has missed such powerful French brand cars. But this speed record is remembered by half of the world, and probably that is why it continues to buy Peugeot cars.

6) The first driver of Le Mans finished the race alone
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History
British rider Edward Ramsden Hall at the Le Mans races in 1936 drove a 4.5 liter

Bentley at Le Mans. But these competitions were canceled due to the start of the World War. It was only in 1950 that the canceled stage of the races could be continued.
The driver continued to race on a streamlined Bentley in splendid isolation. The driver endured for 24 hours behind the wheel.

5) Audi in 2011
After seeing the victory of Audi, it may seem to many that it is boring after the very frequent victories of this team in competitions. For the first time in a 24-hour race, the Audi team started in 1999. But, despite the late debut, Audi has already been able to win a huge amount of titles.

That is why the Audi brand deserves all the respect in the auto world.

4) Appearance at the Porsche 917 races in 1969
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History
Porsche became the winner of Le Mans more than Audi and any other car of another brand. It all started in 1967, when the Porsche company decided for the first time to take part in endurance competitions. The race debut began with the Porsche 917 model, which, first before the race, did not pass inspection by inspectors for compliance with the established technical requirements for participating in competitions. But the mechanics solved the problem with the help of beer boxes.

Since then, Porsche cars have become favorites in legendary races.

3) In 1980, the winner of the race becomes a car Rondeau, produced by a private workshop
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History
What do you think, what were the chances of winning a racer of this sports car? Against Porsche and other legendary Le Mans monsters, the chances of a car that was built by a private company were nil. But this homemade car in 1980 surprised the whole world by winning the race.

2) Ford GT in 1966-1969 proved Ferrari that Italian sports cars can not forever remain the first
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History
Ford created the amazing GT sports car that could beat the legendary Ferrari. It was from those years that the world learned that crazy supercars can do not only in Italy.

1) McLaren victory in 1995
Ten Greatest Moments in Le Mans History

McLaren victory in 1995 in the Le Mans race entered the history of motor racing due to the fact that in the race won a sports prototype. It is noteworthy that this was a debut in the competition, and from the first attempt the McLaren company entered itself in the history of the winners of the legendary auto racing.

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