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Racing car for one person. Top five!

A car like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon impresses not only with its compactness, but also with other parameters. Of course, it is not intended for those drivers who regularly take with a few passengers on the road. In other words, this is not a car for a large family. However, his engineers did not set themselves the task of creating a kind of mini-vein. Moreover, the lack of passenger seats allowed them to reduce the weight of the race car.

To be limited to only Dodge Challenger SRT Demon would be stupid. After all, there are many other cool single race cars. Well, it’s time to introduce them all!

Bac mono
TOP 5 coolest single race cars
Let’s start with the brightest and most obvious representative of single race cars. It’s about BAC Mono. Drivers who are lucky enough to ride this car at least once fall in love with it. Of course, it is extremely fast. In particular, it was equipped with a 2.5-liter Ford engine, which is capable of producing 305 hp of power. This machine accelerates to 100 km. in hours for 2.7 seconds.

At the same time, BAC Mono better shows its full potential in the process of driving on a smooth highway than on a winding road. At the same time, given its small weight (only 580 kg.), It is well balanced. By the way, recently the authoritative automobile magazine “Evo” conducted one interesting experiment, during which it turned out that BAC Mono “pereobuvatsya” faster than the McLaren P1 GTR.

Of course, McLaren P1 GTR is ahead of BAC Mono in many ways – it is clever and faster, and it looks more attractive overall. But why pay for all this a large amount of money, if you can get by with a relatively affordable model of a racing car that weighs only 580 kg and costs £ 125,000 …

Peel p50
TOP 5 coolest single race cars
If you put this race car next to another car, then a comparison about an elephant and a pug comes to mind. This miniature car with an unusual arrangement of wheels was invented by a guy named Jeremy, guided by some own developments in the automotive industry. It turned out very well and creatively.

It is noteworthy that at the time it was released only 47 of these original cars. Of these, only 26 copies have survived to our time, which is why they cost a lot of money. For example, last year Peel P50 went under the hammer for 110 thousand pounds sterling. That, in principle, is not so far from BAC Mono.

Formula Ford Ecoboost
TOP 5 coolest single race cars
This car is in some way an anomaly among single-seater racing cars, as it is not exactly a car, but an ordinary car. The registration number is clearly visible on the photo of the car. Also Formula Ford Ecoboost has real lights.

Ford has released this model for marketing reasons to show the world that it is capable of producing high-quality racing cars. It seems she did it, because once Ford Ecoboost overcame the famous German Nürburgring Nordschleife race in just 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

Ford engineers have equipped the car with a special chassis, which are equipped with many racing cars participating in Formula 1. Her weight reaches 495 kg.

Honda Project 2 & 4
TOP 5 coolest single race cars
The developers of this racing car showed excessive creativity. However, it turned out very well. True, some motorists immediately called the car Project 2 & 4 from Honda hellish.

“Hellish” Honda Project 2 & 4, which weighs 405 kg, was presented to the public at the prestigious Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. Even then, many were surprised by the technical characteristics of this car. In particular, the capabilities of its engine, which gives 14 thousand revolutions per minute.

A bit later, Honda demonstrated a modified version of Project 2 & 4. Here are just a driver’s seat in it turned out kind. Due to the limited space, it had to be made “portable”. I wonder if there will be a madman who dares to get behind the wheel of such a car?

Apparently, for this reason, Honda decided to limit itself to a single copy of Project 2 & 4, equipped with a “portable” seat. So lovers of a quiet ride can rejoice – this hellish car will never be put into mass production.
Lamborghini egoista
TOP 5 coolest single race cars
The last car in the ranking is represented by a unique model. Looking at the futuristic design of this car, it seems that the time machine has fallen into the future. At the same time, Lamborghini created it for the anniversary of the company, held in 2013. Then the legendary automaker “knocked” 50 years.

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